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Welcome to NeedlePro Australia

Is your needling causing a great deal of discomfort to your clients?
Does your current acupuncture needles provide versatility in strength and performance?
Are they receptive in your hand upon insertion and manipulation?
Do they provide easy glide insertion that is smooth and comfortable for your clients?
What degree of control do you have upon needle manipulation?
How much are you paying for the quality and performance you are receiving?

This is NeedlePro Australia and we are here to set a new standard in Acupuncture Needles & products to help provide Australian practitioners with a new level of excellence in quality, innovation and price. All our products are 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEED!

For the first time in Australia, NeedlePro brings to the Australian market, the world famous DongBang Premium Spring Metal Acupuncture Needles and Moxa products. Our popular J-Type and Japanese needles come with the highest quality, consistency and reliability, using German and Japanese surgical grade stainless steel for optimum performance.

Our products are a needle of choice for Acupuncturists, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Myotherapists and we offer 100% customer service and a dedication to excellence in customer satisfaction. As part of the value we offer our customers, when you SUBSCRIBE to our mailing list you will receive FREE and ongoing extensive educational content with personal development tips, business strategies and marketing principles to help build your business and be a leader in your industry.

To your success,
Sohial Farzam (Founder)

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